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Our definition of Fitness. How about yours?

For the many years before I found the true meaning of fitness, it was just about being the fastest in running, being able to lift the most weight or do the most repetition in the eyes of our friends or random strangers. I beat myself hard, got as fired up as I could just to get a workout in, where every other workout seems like live performance.

The validation of a good workout aka NO PAIN, NO GAIN can be either of the following,

1. Panting like dog during workout,

2. Feeling thrashed the moment the timer stops running

3. Waking up the next morning becomes a chore

Under the constant exposure to Instagram and Facebook etc, videos of real strong and fit people were constantly appearing. They could do run in a reasonably fast speed, lift as heavy as an avid weightlifter and perform gymnastic movements with much elegance. More impressively, these were all done one after another, in many reps and sets and under fatigue.

How is that possible?

And that’s where I step into the strength and conditioning training where it was just about doing everything and anything FITNESS has to offer. Lift heavy and breathe hard often.

But one thing for sure, I know I can be fit enough to do almost everything. I may not be the best but I know I am at least the average or even better.

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