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Get Guided

As a real matter of fact, most of us are not able to just work out for a life. It is often considered as a recreational activity.

I was still a student. Study, extra-curriculum activity and all sort of nonsense taking up time. Trying to get into the box to do classes where guidance was given at specific timing was a struggle. Open gym ie doing random exercises and workout on my own was available all day but it wasn't enticing.

Why must it be class? It was a time to learn new skill and practise movement. Doing a workout as a group was less torturous than doing it alone. If you need a push during workout, there's always people in front of you. It keeps you humble and remain through the workout. Nothing about being the first or the last.

When it comes to movement practise, where it can be as simple as a squat, there is someone watching you and providing feedback.

Why not just follow YouTube or any other sources?

1. Simply just film yourself. Do you look as elegant as the demonstrator? Probably not.

2. They all say different things. Aren't you confused? Get taught and guided by someone whom you trust.

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