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Contact Us at Catalyst Gym in Geylang


Curious about joining our vibrant community? Membership rates vary based on your fitness needs and goals. 


For detailed information, we encourage a personal touch. Give us a call, drop by for a class, or just come in for a quick chat.


Let's discuss how we can tailor your fitness journey to suit your individual requirements.


Plan Your Visit


Catalyst is situated at 479 Geylang Road #01-01 S389438, an ideal location for anyone looking for a gym in Geylang or nearby areas. Experience the energy, explore our facilities, and meet the coaches dedicated to supporting your fitness aspirations.


Your First Class


Interested in experiencing Catalyst firsthand? Your initial class is a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in our unique fitness philosophy for just SGD 20. 


Stay in the Loop


Join our community online to keep up with class schedules, events, and inspiring fitness journeys. Follow us, and never miss an update from your favourite Geylang gym.





Reach Out Today


For any inquiries, class bookings, or feedback, our team is ready to assist you:



Tel: 8753 8495

Address: 479 Geylang Road #01-01 S389438

At Catalyst, we're dedicated to fostering a supportive environment that motivates, educates, and empowers. If you're looking for a gym in Kallang, Geylang or the surrounding Singapore area, let's make your fitness goals a reality together. Your journey towards lasting health and strength starts with a single step. Reach out to us today.

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