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WOD Class - It's more than just having a good sweat.

"My performance for workouts started to improve gradually. I’m also starting to see positive physical changes to my body. "

- Kai Min

The WOD Classes at Catalyst are designed for busy individuals who are looking to improve their general physical fitness, be it increasing muscular strength or having a better aerobic capacity.

To ensure members are well-taken care of, the class is led by a coach to ensure the sessions are executed to its planned intention.

As the program follows a cycle of at least a month long, we encourage our members to come in consistently and frequently, as best to their schedule as possible.

We had the chance to interview one of our consistent members, Kai Min, about his experience thus far since he joined Catalyst in Sep 21.

1. What was your frustration you were having before working with us?

I couldn’t finish the workouts well and unable to perform most of the skills despite working on it for many months.

2. What did it feel like to deal with that frustration all the time?

Didnt feel good and sometimes discouraged when I was stuck at movements I couldn’t do.

3. What about your experience with us that was different?

I begin to understand the purpose behind the training and what I should take away from it. The coaches emphasise on us leaving the gym feeling good and not be discouraged.

The daily class follows a consistent weekly programming that allows me to track my progress from week to week. A small progress goes a long way.

4. Do you remember the moment that you knew this was going to work?

Saw and experienced a few physical improvement.

Mobility improved. Lifting numbers increased. Managed to unlock first and subsequent consistent sets of Double-Unders and Kipping Handstand Push-ups.

With more careful and consistent eating habits out of Catalyst, my performance for workouts started to improve gradually. I’m also starting to see positive physical changes to my body.

5. What is it like now that you know it’s going to work/ that it has worked?

I leave the gym feeling great about myself, being more confident when attempting WODs and being comfortable with different movements. I enjoy going to the gym- being around familiar friendly faces, coming back everyday feeling excited and knowing that the programming is purposeful and with intention. Because end of the day, I feel the training at Catalyst has changed my mentality and approach to fitness.

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