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Practise with Patience.


Have you ever take this seriously?

Practice makes perfect.

To learn a movement or skill, we need to practise. Practice is not just doing it blindly. To be precise, it called Deliberate Practice.

Read more about Deliberate Practice:

Why we practise? Because we want to achieve something. There is a need to identify the shortfall or limitation.

Why am I not able to get this? Is it a flexibility, mobility or strength issue? Or simply the lack of skill?

This was what in my head most of the time. As a clueless individual, I tried almost everything. Everything that the social media says. After a week, nothing changed. I stopped doing. And this cycle repeats. Took much longer to achieve a barbell front squat with good form.

Be honest to yourself. Identify the problem and commit to the progression. Even if it's an embrassing act of accumulating time at the bottom of squat, smile. It will get comfortable over time.

When that happens, the sense of achievement is glorifying. That's what I believe keeps me going.

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