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Personal Training- Build Strength and Bodybuilding

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

“Catalyst Personal Training is really great. I was skinny but too unmotivated and shy to go to the gym. I have Dora as my personal trainer and now I notice a positive change in my appearance. I am happy and now more confident with myself. I definitely recommend Dora and Catalyst to anyone looking for great quality personal training.”

- Tang

Background: Wanted guidance in getting strong and building muscles. Did not have any experience in lifting weights and did not know how and where to start.

Started personal training with Dora in Oct-21. Once per week.

"Tang came in a real untrained young guy. Lifting weight with empty barbell was challenging for him. It was slow and deliberate process, with the main goal of being injury free while getting him to execute basic movements with good motor control and positions. Movements include Hinging, Squatting, Pressing and Pushing.Compound movements are complicated. Break it down as simple as it is and start progressing safely”

- Dora

After 5 months of Personal Trainings, Tang has shown great progress in his current training cycle. What’s more, Belt-less!

Bench Press: 95lbs for 4 reps

Shoulder Press: 40lbs for 8 reps

Deadlift: 155lbs for 5 Touch & Go reps

Back Squat: 145lbs for 8 reps

A snippet of his program he recently completed.

Oct 21: Non-existent

Dec 21: Left Video

Mar 21: Bottom Right Video

Interested to get started? Drop us a message at and we will get contact with you asap.

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