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Novice's Gain

As we exercise, we are introducing stress to the body. With sufficient rest, the body responses to the stress and adapt. This is hence the result of improvement.

The first few months of my fitness routine got me addicted to breaking personal best over personal best. Every session was ground-breaking. It got addictive.

Class frequency increased. Even when I have time, I would just browse through the social media, see what's interesting and head down the gym to just do it. Because, the more, the better.

100 pull ups? Just scale to banded and do 100.

100 Deadlifts at 105lbs? Just do it.

100 of whatever, I just do.

Working out was just simply about putting my best effort.

Mind over body.

This just went on.

Matter of fact, it only lasted so long. In the game of longevity and to be really good, this is not the way to go.

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