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"Move Well, then Move Often"

We recently posted a progress video of Overhead Squats from one of our members,Neo.

From the first video, it is obviously an ugly overhead squat with multiple issues, potentially from the shoulder to the ankle.

An overhead squat itself is an full expression of healthy joints. To do it gracefully, it requires a certain degree of shoulder mobility, hip mobility and ankle mobility and lastly, midline stability. Should any of them be relatively weaker, compensation occurs. And when volume and/or intensity is increased, injury might be inevitable. That is why we emphasise on , Mechanics > Consistency> Intensity.

So how did we fix Neo's Overhead Squat?

1. Fix the fundamental movement called Air Squat.

Yes, it is as simple as it is, but it is a movement that is often undercoached. Let this podcast from Varied Not Random do the talking which resonates with us. To summarise, if one is not able to do an air squat well, he might be unable to squat safely with a loaded bar.

2. Mobility work.

Neo is one of our consistent members who see the WOD Class at Catalyst as part of his daily routine. Lift some weight and get a good sweat. In the daily WOD Classes, mobility work is intentionally added to the warm-up and/or accessory piece in class.

3. Drop the Ego.

Be willing to do the hard things - in terms of movements that are uncomfortable and hinder you from doing it fast.

Be receptive. Coaches are there to entertain our members with fun, ensure workouts are done as intended and provide feedback. Aren't you irritated when you want to get better but there is no guidance given to you?

Be daring- Ask why. There is always a reason to everything. When the intent is well-understood, the workout is likely to be executed more purposefully. Productive reps matter.

An effective and efficient session is one that gives you a high return of your investment - 1 hr of your 24hrs per day.

Coaches at Catalyst are always ready to help you attain your fitness goals. All we ask for is consistency and patience. Because there is no shortcut in life. Drop a message here to schedule for your first class or Personal Training session with us.

Classes are at 0630,0800,0915 and 1800 on weekdays and only 0800 on Saturdays. If youre interested in Personal Training, let us know and we will link up with you shortly.

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