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Are You Squatting or Hinging?

Disclamer: I am taking this opportunity to explain something that holds true to me. Recently, a video of K Shanmugam was posted doing Crossfit Opens 22.2. Not to throw flame on him. But I’m taking this opportunity to explain.

Not too long ago, we saw the post about K. Shamungam doing Crossfit Opens 22.2 Workout. Click here for the video.

Crossfit Opens 22.2 Workout consists of,

In increasing rep scheme of 1-2-3-...-9-10-9-...-3-2-1,

Deadlift (225/155lbs)

Bar-Facing Burpee

Yes, it is no doubt an amazing feat from someone who is of some age.

But have you ever wondered, why it is a trap bar deadlift, and not a conventional deadlift? Because it can be done safely with a squat movement.

What is the difference between a squat and a deadlift?

A squat is a squat while a deadlift is a hinge.

If the load is before your knees, it’s a squat.

If the load is in front of your knees, it’s a hinge.

It is important for us to know and be able to execute the different movement patterns safely as we get involve in fitness. Different movement patterns work on different muscles, to varying extent.

What happens when we do everything with the same movement pattern? The muscle gets overuse. When the muscle get overuse, the body finds means to compensate for the reduced ability and that’s when injury occurs.

Is weight training dangerous? That’s for you to think about.

Get the basic movement right, with the right movement patterns and muscle engagement. Start slow, be safe and get in your sessions consistently. Before you know it, you start seeing positive changes in yourself.

Let's get started.

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