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Join Catalyst: The Inclusive Fitness Gym in Singapore for Every Body

Empower Your Every Day

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About Us

Strength & Conditioning Gym in East of Singapore, Aljunied

A facility that provides fitness for all. Fitness is for everyone, but Catalyst is for individuals who value fitness for longevity.  Longevity in terms of being able to function with heightened energy level after a session, being able to move with ease daily and for as long as the heart beats.


Our fitness gym in Singapore is primarily made up of everyday, busy individuals, who want high-quality coaching in a non-judgemental environment. We cater to those who see fitness as a lifelong journey, not just a quick fix. Whether you're starting your fitness journey or looking to push your limits, Catalyst offers the expertise and support to help you succeed.


Stop telling yourself stories that hold you back from becoming the person you want to be.

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    Our Services

          We are more than just about working out.

LAUGH.                                                                                                        FOCUS.                                                                                               EXCITE.

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Workout of the Day


  • Good mix of strength and conditioning pieces over the week.

  • Designed to improve the general physical preparedness/fitness of our members - strength, endurance, stamina or whatever you name it, we work on them frequently.

  • Follows a training cycle lasting for at least a month, with various strength or conditioning focuses.

      We don’t workout for the sake of working out.

  • Coaches are there to coach proper technique and new skills, ensuring the efficacy of the sessions

  • NO impossible workouts.

      Workouts are scaled by intensity and ability. We want you to be safe, injury-free and to be back the next day alive.

  • Some days we mix them up, to see how we thrive.

Improved fitness is the ability to do any physical task on any given day.

Check out our Class Schedule

First Trial Class at SGD 25.

Click Here to book the class.

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Personal Training

Specific Training Goals

If it matters, why delay?

As much as we champion that fitness is for everyone, our coaches do provide personal training.

Why do you need personal training?

  1. Specific Training Goals: Directly targets your fitness objectives, optimizing your path to muscle gain, body sculpting, or weight loss.

  2. Starting Without Background: Offers beginner-friendly guidance, making fitness accessible and safe for newcomers.

  3. Past/Current Injury: Provides adapted workouts that accommodate injuries, focusing on safe and effective exercise.

  4. Expedited Progress: Delivers faster results through focused, intensive coaching tailored to your goals.

  5. Accountability: Ensures consistency and motivation, keeping you committed to your fitness journey.


PT rate ranges from SGD 80-120 per session, depending on frequency.

Drop us a message if you would like us to contact you.

fitness gym singapore

Individualised Programming

Train at your own pace.

  • Individualised programme from the coach.

  • The programme written is based on your training goals and training weekly frequency.

  • Get the workout in your own planned timings. Can be done at Catalyst during Open Gym slots.

*Initial consultation is required before the start of the programme

Contact Us

Interested in trying out our classes or have any enquiry? We’re always here to help. Leave us your contact and we will contact you as soon as possible.

479 Geylang Road #01-01 S389438

8753 8495

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